Dragon Fight

Posted May 11, 2009, 4:32:10 PM

 I'm really pleased with this so far- not bad for a base doodle.

My original species of dragons play-wrestling, a brother and sister pair.

Sister's the big fatass on the bottom, and is sort of supposed to be Solitia's character Winter in dagrony form.

Magnus is the one desperately trying to climb up top so's he can give her a noogie.

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  • May 11, 2009
    EEE. *huggles them* I'm loving the expression on Winter's face: OMG! I KEEL U!!
    • May 11, 2009
      "Magnus, you little weenie, get off of me!"

      "Must... tickle... arrgh..."
    • May 12, 2009
      Winter: And you call ME the fatass! GERROFF!

      Awwww, Maggie can't help that he's smaller than her. LOL The goobers.
      • May 12, 2009
        THEY ARE. OMG. Haha, man, I love the big snuggly dagrons.
    • Sep 30, 2009
      It's almost like she's yelling "I AM NOT A FATASS, BASTARD!"




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