The Hazards Of Love

Posted Jun 6, 2009, 11:25:59 PM

 Father, I'm not feeling well

The flowers me you fed

Tasted spoiled for suddenly

I find that I am dead

But father, don't you fear

Your children all are here

Singing oh- the Hazards of Love


Father, turn the water down

The basin's overflown

The water covers everything

And me left all alone

But Papa, here in death

I have regained my breath

To sing, oh- the Hazards of Love


Spare the rod, you'll spoil the child

But I prefer the lash

My sisters drowned and poisoned, all

And me reduced to ash

And buried in an urn

But Father, I return

Singing oh- the Hazards of Love


Figured I'd do more Decemberists fanart for Drawing Day- sadly, it just... didn't scan well, but hey, I'll re-re-re-re-re-tweak it probably for the next WEEK.  At least it looks the way I want it to on paper.  XD

Pencil, ink, scanned and cleaned in GIMP.

Lyrics from The Hazards Of Love, track 15 "The Revenged"

Moral of the story: don't murder your kids, they'll just show up later as demons and drag your sorry ass down to hell where it belongs.

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  • Jun 6, 2009
    Holy shit that thing is creepy. And the lyrics, they are not helping with the creep factor. D: D: D: