Duchess Ravenwaves

Posted Jul 23, 2009, 12:51:29 AM UTC

I was feeling nostalgic over the weekend, and drew one of my favorite childhood villains, Duchess Ravenwaves from Lady Lovely Locks.
I watched that show too much as a child.

In case you didn't, Ravenwaves is holding scissors because she believed if she snipped off some of Lady Lovely Locks magic hair, she could gain control of her kingdom. A silly plot device, but it was sure entertaining as a kid.

I was too lazy to do anything cool for the background, sorry.

Duchess Ravenwaves (c) Mattel?

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  • Jan 17, 2010, 3:32:46 PM UTC
    I don't know of the character, but the art is lovely! I have no idea how you do your coloring and shading, but it looks really nice! I also like how the background is simple, yet interesting at the same time. Fantastic work!