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Posted Jul 25, 2009, 6:49:56 AM UTC

 I was gonna draw more but I got too damn lazy. Will add more to this later ^^;

The Kricketune's my sister's Partner. His name is Mozart. I'm not a huge fan of most bug Pokemon, but my sis wanted me to draw him anyway for this.

Sunshine and Jamar, coz I couldn't choose who to draw ^^; Jamarr's obviously upset about something (probably was challenged by someone or overheard a sly remark about him behind his back). And Sunshine's showing off her playful side.

My Froslass Miyuki babysitting some client's Cleffa Triplets. After suffering a heartbreak, Miyuki nowadays devoted her time babysitting the younglings of her clients while their parents got a grooming for contests. This new job's helping Miyuki feel joy once again, and it appears deep down she longs to be a mother someday.

Chloe (Infernape) A Timid-natured female Infernape who's also highly curious. She tends to have a big sweet tooth ^^

Davito (Carnivine) My Bashful male Carnivine. He was the second hardest to draw.

Hermione (Hippowdon) My Relaxed natured Hippo XDD My sis got a boy one so I went got a female, coz their colour schemes are totally different from one another ^^; Hippowdon are NOT easy to draw! Believe me DX

Snyder (Haunter) A bold Haunter with a strong will. He's as cheeky as most Haunter, and is not afraid to make the first move.


Jamar (c) :devdarkpredatorprincess:

Mozart (c) :devoctavia-bleu:

Miyuki, Sunshine, Chloe, Snyder, Davito, Hermione, art (c) Me Pokemon (c) Nintendo

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