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Youkai Kagome

Posted Jul 30, 2009, 9:17:21 AM

"Kagome stopped at a far away, or what felt was far away, lake. She pulled herself to the ground and cried. She looked at her skin and seen that she had markings on her wrist like Sesshoumaru, but she only had one, and instead of the magenta stripes, her's were a pinkish-purple. The grass swayed around her with the light breeze. She forced herself to crawl over to the lake and look at herself. Like her wrists, one stipe ran on each cheek. Her ears were pointed and her hair was a longer blue and silver mix. Kagome stopped at her eyes. They were silver. Little flecks of gold hid in them."


Miko Lilith's Can't you Guess? (can be found )


This is a fanart scene Miko Lilith requested. In the fiction itself I believe she's wearing her school uniform but I wanted something more drastic to illustrate her change from human to youkai so I got the go ahead to change her clothes :) 

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