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"Don't do this..."

Posted Aug 5, 2009, 8:05:35 AM


This is something I had to do for a final in one of my classes. I'm very very proud of this. Hope you all dig it too.

The story behind it basically the little guy holding the ball of light ( he has no name yet) His species is dying of a disease and his planet is running out of resources. His race sends him off to another planet to find a cure and a solution. When he gets there he makes some buddies. He realizes the solution to his planet's problem is to take the "lifeforce" of another planet. Hence why he's sad and all his buddies are dying. Pieces of their moon crummble and crash in to the planet as a result of the little guy taking the "lifeforce" away. *whew* long winded sorry.

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  • Aug 8, 2009
    I love the falling stars in the background ^^ They're very pretty ^^
    • Aug 11, 2009
      Thanks! I'm particularly fond of the background for this one :]
  • Apr 7, 2010
    The little ball of light really emits the aura of a lifeforce!~beautifully done!♥

    And the colours as well, reflects the mood perfectly!
    Loving the story too ,sad tho Sad
    • Apr 21, 2010
      Thanks alot! I'm glad you like it :]