Posted Dec 27, 2009, 2:06:32 AM

SOOOO! This isn't anything special really but i thought i would put it up here since i haven't been spewing out anything recently, ehe^-^

This little doodle, is something requested from my mother, who is also called tu ma or moomoo. But ANYWAYS she requested that i draw a tattoo for her of me and my sister, in chibi form. I then added our two puppis dogs just for fun, since drawing animals in chibi form isn't easy. So Phoebe looks like her, as she is a large fluffy cotton ball, but Aragorn..not so much like him. It turned out alright though. OH, and kika, my sibling, is holding a HERSHEY'S chocolate bar as she loves chocolate and i am holding a mechanical pencil as i doodle and write ^-^

I LOVE how sibling and i look, they are faces that we SOOO make..ehehehehe, i couldn't stop giggling after i did them^-^ Also, this shows some of my new chibi stylings. I have been working in its updatedness. Yes yes.

It's not amazing by any means, and later on there may be color if the guy she wants to do the tattooage thinks it difficult to add the colors himself via human subjects XD (as in, sibling and i shall go dressed in the clothes i drew us in)

So this was her christmas gity this year, plus a gift card to the tatto place she goes to. ^-^ she loves it...for some reason...ehe^-^

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