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Posted Jan 2, 2011, 12:10:35 PM

I finished this the very night before my first exam that summer, it was quite a desperate piece of work. For about a month, with studying and everything, I could only work on it for about 10 min in the morning, 5 min before courses and 15 min before going to bed - at most. I even cut sleep to be able to draw.

This was nothing but a little "thank you" for the great world tour Miyavi gave us that year. It really meant a lot to me, more than I'm willing to express in public, but I hope he knows. I wanted to use a different style of chibi, something in between my typical, quick little buggers and grand-scale portraits.
Original photo: [link]

Copic multiliner black 0.05/0.3/1.0 mm, Copic Ciao markers, Faber Castell classic colour pencils, Schwan Stabilo STABILO point 88, Schwan Stabilo STABILO pen 68 neon, Edding 347 textmarker, Pentel Hybrid Gel Grip K118 (white) - beaten up, slashed and wipped till NoGo - and a scanner eating all colour.

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