My dream costume!!

Posted Oct 24, 2005, 9:52:05 PM
This is me in this lovely dream costume! How unfortunate I can't afford it. Dang Hottopic and your overpriced clothing and accesories >.<
And I refuse to by the $30 one that you see at every other store. It looks too cheesy.

Right! The drawing. As you can see the cane is REALLY crooked. That just ticks me off. *sigh* Also, when I first scanned this little number on my computer, it was completely engulfed in smudges. Like every one of my drawings. If I was able to switch my name on this site it would have to be something like...hmmm...Master_if_Smudges. Yep. It is impossible for me to draw somthing without smudging the crap out of it. Oh well.

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