Well, here I am. Just came to this site to see if I can get a little more feedback on my work. I have been coming to FAC for some time now and I just thought I'd find another site to post my work on.

I favor (no...I love LOOOOVE!) Balmung, Len (Ren?) Tao, and Seto Kaiba.
My other faves are Faust, Zolo (Zoro? BAH!), Shanks, Kyo, Yuki, and Haru Sohma. Very adorable characters, yes?

Anime I have seen (and liked)
* Yu-Gi-Oh (Duels are way too bloody long, but the chars & dragons are awesome)
* Shaman King
* One Piece
* Evangelian (depressing but very good)
* Blood: The last vampire
* Samurai Shamploo (watch it here and there)
* Akira (forgot the name, hope it's right)
* .hack legend of the twighlight & SIGNS
hmmm I think that's it, but somethings telling me theres more.
Oh well.

AND I LOVE FRUITS BASKET!!! GYAAAHHH!!! I have a yuki shirt from Hotopic HAHAHAHAR! Hot.

I'd probably watch more anime outside of Satuday mornings, but I AM NOT a late night person at all. Sleepings what I do best and I'm not staying up till 3 in the morning just to watch TV. Heck, I can't even stay up till 11:30 without passing out on the couch! Heh, thats just me though, oh well.

This has nothing to do with art, but I HEART PANCAKES!!! Ugh, I'm drooling right now 8P~~... There is no food better than good ol' pancakes!

And thank you to all of those people who have enjoyed my drawings!!

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