Looking Cool For the Panels

Posted Dec 10, 2011, 12:21:32 PM UTC

Some of my Horde chars, I don't like having so many belf as chars (my favorite race is Forsaken) but they turned out to be very significant chars in my various RP plots and I have grown attached to them over the years since I played Zain for almost 4 years from day one of Burning Crusade.

I feel like redoing Arjhan's panel since he doesn't look so good there but it portrays his scar well. From left to right: Zaifar (Forsaken priest), Ezidran (Belf DK), Arjhan (Belf warrior, son of Ezidran) and Zain (Belf paladin).

Blood elves, Forsaken and WoW copyrighted to Blizzard. Characters belong to me.

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