The Measure of All Things

Posted Dec 12, 2013, 12:41:06 AM UTC

Quite often, people who appear to be angels are demons in disguise.  But every not-so-often, there's someone who is the complete opposite.  And that person changes your life.  And maybe it was another life, but that change is so complete that it echoes throughout eternity, and re-writes every lifetime you will ever have, because without it, you are nothing.  

  This is such a person for me - as is the living ship that he crafted out of the substance of his soul: the Balthasar.  His name is Benigna.  This was the day the wall came down and countless souls were released from tyranny.  This was the day I found out who I am.    

Only in you, can my pain 
Become power,
My blood a burning pathway 
Through the stars.
You are the mirror of my desires,
... So please  

Have a little faith in me.  

Incidentally, this will eventually be reworked into the cover of Volume 5 of the series that I am now finalizing Book 1 of, called Talystasia: A Fairytale for Grown-Ups.  I hope to publish (late) next year.  Help on perspective issues is welcome (that damn reflective floor).  Go easy on me - third painting ever here.   Oh, right, and had a little help from public domain NASA photos for stars/planet texturing.  Everything else is tablet, painted by hand.   Haadiyah 

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  • Dec 12, 2013, 4:10:50 AM UTC
    I like the intricate detail and hue shifts.

    What is your series? Is it a comic? Very cool. Are you self publishing?
    • Dec 12, 2013, 5:59:46 AM UTC
      I totally don't have the speed/talent to do a comic, but I've been very influenced by graphic novel style art while learning to paint, so I feel glad you'd even think of that looking at this. I'm writing fantasy novels, and will be self publishing. Thank you so much for commenting, and again for your purchase today!