Madora Doser

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Likes:Snakes, Picking Fights, Sharp Knives, Motorcycles, Loud Metal Music, and Arena Battles.

Dislikes: People who wear snake skin clothing, Losing, Lectures, Boredom, Quietness, People who stare at her scar, and Traffic.

Occupation: Assassin for hire. Works for Kasha

Friends:No one

Enemies:Cecilia and Amber(used to be best friends with them.)

Favorite Food: Barbeque Pork

Hated Food:Apples(because of the Adam and Eve story)

Personality: Hot tempered, quick to judge, jumps into any situation without thinking, anti-social, does not take defeat well,  too stubborn for her own good, and holds grudges.

Back Story:Used to attend Guardian Academy when she was 15. She, Amber, and Cecilia used to be best friends and went to missions together. The three were inseparable, until one day when they were assign to the Philippines to help free hostages from a terrorist group. It was suppose to be a quiet mission, but Madora charged at the terrorist, gave them away and almost had the hostages killed. Cecilia and Amber manage saved the hostages, however Madora killed one of the members that was about to stab them with a knife, which is how she got that scar on her left eye. Even though they completed the mission, Sir Wallace Crumble suspended Madora for killing someone and make her take a restraining course. Madora tried to get Amber and Cecilia on her side, but they kind of agreed with him. So she dropped out of academy and set out on her own. Cecilia and Amber still feel guilty about that ever since.

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