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Posted Feb 16, 2019, 1:53:55 AM

This is your friendly Foxxu Fluff, who runs this account. Full name is Fox "Foxxu/Fouques" Shiriel Caelestin.

I especially enjoy  Aliens, Angels and Demons, Clothing Designs, Elegant detailed as fuk designs, Music, Monsters, Minerals, Shinies, and Junk. Plenty of Junk. and Spacey Shit, which'll be pretty aparent in my art.

After some diliberation I decided this'll be mainly dedicated to my personal works in general, focusing on both supernatural and science fiction elements. For anything else, if interested, can be found on my other social media sites, especially where I'd post commissions and such. I hope you enjoy what you see here!


Email: Foxcaelestin@gmail.com
[For commission inquiries or questions concerning other things.]


Personal Tumblrfoxcaelestin.tumblr.com/
[For reblogging stuff]

Art Tumblrfouquesartcorner.tumblr.com/
[For post my doodles, with the rare occasional reblogging of art refs. I post most of my art here.]


Deviantart Originalwww.deviantart.com/nocturnefox
[Will occasionally post there, mainly original stuff, commissions, or adoptables.]

Deviantart Fanartwww.deviantart.com/serenadefox
[Fanart related stuff, including fan based commissions and adoptables. Fandoms can vary.]

Furaffinity Mainwww.furaffinity.net/user/caeli…
[Limited soft-core furry things, and the occasional commissions I receive from there. May from time to time post personal original stuff on there too.]

Furaffinity Adoptableswww.furaffinity.net/user/caeli…
[Account focused on adoptables only, ranging from clothes, aliens, monsters, and all that.]

[Not as active but will post there from time to time]

PaperDemon;RC: (You are Here)
[Will focus on my own personal works, featuring my supernatural and sci-fi themed art and stories. Not sure how active I'll be but we'll see!]

[Occasionally stream art. From time to time will be streaming with others too.]

[Same as Picarto. I haven’t used it to stream yet, but eventually?]


Patreon: TBA
[I haven’t set one up, or have enough resources to set one up properly yet. But may do so in the future]

[Easy place to tip if you enjoy my work, satisfied with your commissions, and in general help me keep doing art.]

[Secondary site to use, similar to Ko-Fi and works as an alternative.]



[Inactive; used to follow people who moved to Twitter, artwise]

[Inactive. Has some old art though. May one day revive it. Maybe not.]

[Inactive. Used to save things I like and potentially buy. May use it one day.]

[inactive. Used to follow peeps, but doubt I’d actually use it.]

[inactive. May use it one day.]

>>Will update if I make an account somewhere or change names.





Want something like this? Want a custom design? Want some pretty glowy shit? Feel free to commission me!



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..:*Instagram*:....:*Ko-Fi Tip Jar*:...



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