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Hi! I go by Fox, Foxxu/Foxu,

with rare variations of that that would also include Fouques for fanciness.


I enjoy doodling personal art of my peeps, anything between the colors blue and purple, and spacey nonsense. Music too of course.

Generally found more active on Tumblr and occasionally Deviantart and Furaffinity. Other accounts would include a dead-ish fanart account.

I especially post most on my tumblr, with no limits on what I tend to draw, be in personal art, fanart, or commissions.

It's just everywhere else where I kind of get lazy posting art, or feel less motivated to post certain stuff.

Not sure how often I'd be posting on FA but I'd hope to at least not leave this collecting digital dust ;w;


I will be opening commissions on FA from time to time to avoid getting overwhelmed, so keep a look out!

so for now enjoy what get spewed out here from the noggin :'P


I'm an awkward, quiet thing so sorry if I don't come off very social, but I welcome anyone who wants to say hello!




Art Status:

Commissions: CLOSED. Opening, queue and info found here HERE

~> Will include regular type commissions, specialities(YCH, themed, etc), adoptables, and customs

Art trades: Depends, but doesn't hurt to ask!

Collabs: Friends only, sorry;;

Requests and Freebies: Requests aren't really ever open, but I will do freebie chances at spontaneous occasions


Specialty and Interests:

Aliens, Angels and Demons, Clothing Designs, Elegant detailed as fuk designs, Music, Monsters, Minerals, Shinies, and Junk. Plenty of Junk. And Spacey Shit.

Do enjoy GW2, would nerd out on Star Wars and Star Trek, dabbled in the Osmosis Jones stuff, Doctor Who, other nonsense really.


Anything else, scream at me for an answer

Thanks for stopping by!








To all who're giving me a chance to see what I churn out it's much appreciated and makes this lil foxxu heart weeps with joy like you don't even know. THANK YOU!


If you want to give a tip for the work I've done for you or if you like my work, there's my Ko-Fi page to do so!

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