Alpha Form Orca Ref

Posted Nov 21, 2020, 8:04:38 PM

Orca gets an "Alpha Form" as well, plays a big part in my Stryx's stories at the moment.

This is not a Dracostryx game mechanic, just an alternate form for one of my Stryx.

This form drains a lot of energy from the user, meaning it can only be maintained for so long before they are forced to revert back to their normal form. Once back to normal, the user must rest for quite a while to regain their strength, so this form must be summoned wisely. This form is incredibly powerful, but only for that short period of time the user is transformed. After reverting back, the user is usually incredibly weak and tired, only cognizant enough to think, lightly move, and speak. The average time a user can stay in this form with no damage to the body and mind is 15-20 minutes. This form is usually summoned to defeat a threat or act as a last resort in intense combat or dangerous situations. It can not be summoned while calm or at rest, certain thresholds of body activity must be met, and they are usually very high requirements, making sure it is not used improperly, such as for petty arguments or scare tactics.

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