Nelaicx Portrait

Posted May 9, 2021, 11:45:26 PM UTC

I promise I'm not going to hoard characters here like most other ARPGs <;<>

Anyways,, Nelaicx is kind of a special character to me. I made em in 2019 for a roleplay I was doing with some (ex) friends. I kind of have some negative feelings associated with em because of that unfortunately so I'd like to reuse em somewhere else!

Ey's agender and uses Ey/Em or It/It pronouns!


Character Name: Nelaicx Veyvriik

Character Age: 19

Character Species: Half-Elf/Dragon

Hair color: Dark Blue with lighter streaks

Eye color: Cyan


Nelaicx doesn't know eir real parents- ey was found outside by their adoptive parents. Ey was an only child and raised by eir mothers, who weren't very rich but still loved em a lot. Nelaicx was always jealous of those who had more, however, and started stealing at a fairly young age. Ey got caught a few times and got into quite a bit of trouble, although never anything serious, until ey was around 12.

Ey had broken into the home of a noble, but were discovered very quickly. Ey managed to grab a crystal bead and ran, but as ey tried to climb out the window ey fell, landing awkwardly and breaking eir neck. But after a few minutes ey came back to life, although feeling a bit different. The crystal revived them, although eir soul was now a part of it. If it got too far away from eir body ey'd pass out, and every time ey died and came back ey lost a bit of eir soul, along with eir memories, making em mostly immortal, although breaking the crystal would just instantly kill em. It doesn't seem to work forever either, each time ey dies it takes longer for em to come back, and some injuries don't heal completely anymore.

At this point Nelaicx isn't sure how many times ey's died yet, but ey'd rather not increase that number. Ey's mostly travelling to find a way to get eir memories back, or maybe get freed from the crystal without actually killing em.

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