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Good day! Please feel free to call me Sheep!

I'm a digital ( and sometimes traditional ) artist and writer who enjoys character and species creation and designing.

My main species is the Mime Dogs species, which is a soon-to-be ARPG! I'm also working on the Eláfkeria ARPG. and working with Acceril in another closed species ARPG.

Aside from visual and literary arts, I also enjoy lyrical singing and am part of a music conservatory!


I'm an ARPG admin for the Mime Dogs ARPG ( coming soon ), the Eláfkeria ARPG ( beta ), and the DracoStryx ARPG.




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My timezone is UTC-5:00:00 ! Please be mindful of this.


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Commissions: Open! PM me!

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Roleplay: No, sorry!

Gifts for Me: I would love to receive anything, thank you!!




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By obtaining art in any form or way that has been made by me you agree to my art & designs terms of service.




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Username: @SheepMomther


ArtFight | Ko-Fi

DeviantArt | Instagram




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Mime Dogs ARPG

Mime Dogs Discord Server

Eláfkeria ARPG

Eláfkeria Discord Server

Bata Bjørn ARPG ( coming soon )




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Profile picture character, profile picture art, profile art © SheepMomther



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Latest writing

  • Cover for Wraith's Lament

    Wraith's Lament

    Wraith's Lament - Chapter II: Rampage Entry Ft. Sahira ( DS12999 ), Maude ( DS12232 ), Moonlight ( EK000015 ), and Babycrime.

  • Cover for Gems for Avira

    Gems for Avira

    Mocha and Parra are tasked to look for special gems for their flock's armor improvements.

  • Cover for Painterly Friends

    Painterly Friends

    Teapot is pulled from their morning routine by a newly met Noot Noot to help her find the lost and paint-stained fledglings from the Loft before the Easter Egg Hunt. __________ DracoStryx April 2021 monthly challenge entry.

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