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Posted Oct 8, 2021, 7:01:31 PM UTC

Caroline got her import updates yesterday, so I wanted to work on her lore some more.

Caroline, while having mechanical/robotic parts now, used to be completely organic. She was lab-grown by scientists, who were trying to give intelligence not unlike their own to a stryx, but still being able to retain the stryx's form and abilities, as well as their strength and powers. Thus, Caroline was created. She was raised in captivity, never taught normal stryx basics, and only knew what the scientists were telling her. As she grew, she began to understand their speech, and comprehend what each word meant. Therefor, she now has the ability to verbally speak and hold a conversation. Once she was deemed ready, they bound her and took her into an operating room, laid her onto a large table, and tore off some of her appendages. They cut her open, implanted mechanical parts, changed her bodily functions, and altered her brain. She was only partially sedated for this procedure, for they needed her brain to be mostly awake for the procedure. It took hours, but in the end, Caroline was a completely new beast. They had enhanced her physical abilities, comprehension, thinking, and bodily functions. After the initial operation, the scientists had to perform similar procedures to fine-tune the effects and abilities of their project. But Caroline was not happy about it in the least.

She didn't ask to be created, torn down, rebuilt, and shoved back into containment over and over again. She didn't ask for any of this. She didn't ask to be turned into a monster, one lacking empathy for those around her. She just wished she could be left alone at this point.

Caroline, after completely snapping one day, attacked the scientists, violently lashing out and attempting to kill them. The few who managed to escape her fury rushed to safety, barring and locking her containment doors and flooding her room with a deadly gas to hopefully suffocate her, or at least put her under.

Caroline, after all the modifications made to her, as well as her dragon-like nature, was able to absorb most of this neurotoxin, process it in her body, and spray it back out of her mouth in a deadly attack. She broke through her containment barricades, hunted down every living scientist in the facility, and eradicated them.

The only things to make it through her rage were the mindless machines built to help out around the facility, and one strangely familiar chiro suspended in a test tube.





Total= 16 AP

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  • Oct 9, 2021, 2:38:19 AM UTC
    I really love how you design her robotic parts and all the lore you've come up with!
    She's definitely one of my favorite stryx so far ;0;!!<3
    • Oct 9, 2021, 3:45:18 AM UTC
      Thank you!
      She's based on GLaDOS from the Portal series, my favorite games of all time. So I took a few design elements from her and added them to Caroline, as well as some lore elements are references to GLaDOS's lore too.




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