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Posted Oct 25, 2021, 11:16:04 PM UTC

Character Name: Síle Neshoba

Character Age: 30

Character Species: Wolf beastman/Shapeshifter (full species is a hybrid of wolf/harpy eagle/phoenix and is a shapeshifter)

Hair color: Gray

Eye color: Light Blue

Síle Neshoba (also called Hu Shi) is a wolf-harpy eagle-phoenix hybrid that is of the fire element. Her name means "blind wolf" in Scottish and Choctaw (cough it was a bit of a misspelling, but I don't want to change it) and that phrase comes from the wolf of the Firekeeper series by Jane Lindskold named Blind Seer. He is a large wolf with blue eyes that he never grew out of, but is not a blind wolf. The mixture of Síle comes from my spirit animals of wolf (main), phoenix (mythic), and eagle - though there is crab too, I don't see too much of them in me except for the want of collecting things. Going with the blind wolf aspect, she also has blue eyes and her gray hair comes from her feathers that show in her feral form - reminiscent of the harpy eagle's headdress. Because of her god father's blood, she does not age, but she was in her 30s when she met her mate, Tiene Vihar. Because of the two's profession (she a swordsman and he an archer - both adventurers and bounty hunters), Síle did not take on Tiene's last name though their children will take on his name.

Síle Neshoba originates from the world of Tirvawa, the Haven of Time, and was born from a shapeshifter phoenix god and an Blawyr (eagle-wolf hybrid), though she only gained the features of all three species and the ability to shapeshift as gods of Tirvawa do not always pass down the "status" of being a god. She was her mother's only pup as it is not easy to conceive the child of any god and her mother had not much want for children before meeting Síle's father.

In her human and beastman forms, she picked up the knack for the sword and shield and will wander Tirvawa with her horse and pygmy dragon that she bonded with as she grew, though they will all be fine with running freely together when she is feral. Upon finding her adopted sibling, she realized that there were other worlds out there and that she could travel all over, but this was not until many years later and after finding her mate and having her first children. 

Tiene Vihar is her mate and a partially blind one at that. He is also a hybrid, but of a dragon and a wolf that she still loves dearly. They met by chance while she was dealing with bandits as they come from completely different packs on different sides of Tirvawa, she a Blawyr (bird gray wolves) and he a Blasehr (dragon red wolves).

As Síle transverses worlds, sometimes taking her mate with her and sometimes letting him have fun alone as it would be harder for her to blend in because of her fire element, she shapeshifts in form though she will at times keep her markings as is and her having wings, multiple tails, and eagle claws is not easy for her to hide when not in human form. People are more likely to see her either as a full human or a wolf beastman with 6 long wolf tails. She rarely will allow others to see her wings outside of feral form, but when she does it means she trusts you. Her wings are reminiscent of the markings found on harpy eagles, though instead of black the markings are more of a navy blue color. Her fur is a very light blue-ish gray, lighter than her hair or head feathers (the latter only showing in feral form). While she does have an anthro wolf self, she only shifts to that on occasion and it is never in front of others besides Tiene.

You can go to her TH profile for more information and images: https://toyhou.se/8121096.s-le-neshoba

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