I've loved to art since I started, but my favorite would be ceramics. I have done a variety of crafts and used many mediums for traditional art.

I'm okay with gift art if you ever feel inspired by any of my characters.

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  • Cover for The Wraith's Lament Entry Ch4

    The Wraith's Lament Entry Ch4

    Hurik and Fionnlagh are at the docks now to deal with the corrupted stryx and the rhakos who is, well, causing mayhem there. Hurik decides to test her mettle and battle the rhakos alone while Fionnlagh helps the guards detain the corrupted stryx before assisting Hurik in a surprising fashion.

  • Cover for The Wraith's Lament Entry Ch3

    The Wraith's Lament Entry Ch3

    Hurik and Fionnlagh enter the haunted forest in search of the two rhakos that hid within after their attack on the camp at the End of the World failed days prior. After searching for some time during the night, the two come across two rider and stryx pairs, one having a rider that was overly friendly - much the the chagrin of her stryx.

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