Posted Jan 5, 2022, 7:16:06 PM UTC

I haven't actually played Bravely Default II yet; I just really like the music. Hellblade Conqueror was one of them, so I decided to make a 3DS theme based off of it.

I made this image as part of the top screen image.

Kind of wanted to know what some of those characters might have looked like in my style anyways.

My only lament is that Adam as a character doesn't live up to the epic awesomeness of the music piece.

You're all free to make fun of his fluffy hair though like we did during one of my streams.

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  • Jan 5, 2022, 11:42:14 PM UTC
    -prepares a cup of hot chocolate- I see the new Marshmallow's came in! even though I know he has a personality of a rock and someone potentially dies I kind of wish these two would smash anyways. I mean C'MON look at those two!




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