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Prompt #1 - Rainbow Pools

The plentiful, almost overwhelming population of swamp salamanders of Wouagi leave a thick coating of mucus across the swamplands. The rainbow swirls float on the surface of the water and can be found as far as a half mile out from the coasts, as well as on nearly every body of water in the swamps. The mucus is harmless to most species, and is frequently considered a special ingredient for most cosmetics. For the locals, it’s no more unusual than the morning sunrise. More popular rainbow pools nearby stilt cities are lit with colorful humming lanterns that drive off local insects. The salamanders in these pools are frequently fed by hand to keep them around in spite of the lack of buggy bounty for their meals. Rainbow pools near centers of population are used for boating, swimming, fishing, and romantic evenings, as well as local celebrations and parties. Show your character enjoying one of the Rainbow Pools. Your piece must include your character and rainbow swamp waters.


Kai, Dee and Naedithas and their ducky friends relaxing in a rainbow pool. Look out, ducky, you've got a shark tailing you!

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