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Dee #pd1037

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Character Name: Stefan "Dee" Harclay

Nicknames: Stinky, Beak Face, Badger, Mutt Brain, Kitty, Beast, Creature, Big Nose, Panda Face, Skin Creeper, Eldritch Kitty, Nose Friend, Perfect Abomination, Dee Nose, and Marshmallow Kitty

Character Age: Middle-age(Late 50's; Actual age 178)

Character Species: Shapeshifter

Height: 2.08m(6'10'')

Weight: 130.1kg(286lbs)

Hair color: Silver-grey

Eye color: Pink/red

A kindly old man who seems to have an underlying animalistic instinct to him. Always looking to keep things lighthearted, even in the most dire of situations. Can often be seen displaying cat-like behaviors such as chasing tails, prowling in the dark, and sleeping curled up in a basket. Very much a snuggle bug.
"Call me Dee. Humble detective, former surgeon."

"Okay, any more questions before I put my torso back together?"


Brief History:

Born and raised in a mansion at the base of the Swiss Alps, Dee's childhood was rather rough. A fascination with human anatomy led him to attend a college in Zurich, in which he committed an atrocity that sparked an voracious hunger for meat. Upon arriving home, his family met the same fate, leading to a long-lasting isolation of himself. Animal populations dwindled quickly, leading him to seek out man to satisfy his unending craving.

Over the years, he studied biology and traveled enough to obtain a copy of the Necronomicon and learned the secrets to siphon the life from both man and beast, or for religious folk, their souls. The soul-reaping habits of the man attracted his current partner to his home, in which he became enamored with over time. Eventually, they ended up together and raised a family, of both adopted and children born of their own blood.

With his newfound love, he abandoned his human hunting habits and was riddled with guilt. This had made him realize he had to make amends, helping others who need help, even if it oversteps a few legal boundaries. Taking up private detective work was where he found his best position to help others due to his keen sense of smell and affinity for piecing things together. Most of his tasks involve finding missing items, loved ones, and, at worst, suspects.

Once joining the Paperverse, he's been a common sight in the guild. The first person he had talked to had stolen his heart, even! Since then, he's been considered a sort of "class pet."


Bonus: Has a fedora he usually wears but I forgor it.

Is actually a nocturnal creature and thus has a tapetum lucidum; able to contract iris very far back for the illusion of pure black/red eyes

Scale patterns can show inconsistencies, such as growing on the shoulders and hips or absent on said areas. However, the abdomen, arms, ankles, and face scales stay consistent.

  • 650
    Ability Points
  • 4
  • Advocate Talisman Ability


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