Fjorgyn Halfdan Erikson character profile

Posted Feb 9, 2022, 6:27:55 PM UTC

Character Name : Fjorgyn Halfdan Erikson (pronounced "Fior-gen")

Character Age : 22

Character Species : Human

Hair Color : Black

Eye Color : Brown

Brief Biography :

Fjorgyn was born somewhere around in York, England during the Danelaw, raised by a middle class family of a Anglo-Saxon father and a Danish mother

most of his life as a child was spent learning Danish literature, fishing, and making friends from Northumbria

though after the Saxons reconquered their territories from Denmark (Mercia, Wessex and south of Northumbria), leaving Fjorgyn and his family to flee to Denmark

by the age of 17 he embraced Orthodox Christianity and became a monk to spread the word of Christ and the true faith

he was young, foolish, naive, arrogant, but determined, confident and he was a quick learner

by the age of 20 he crossed through the lands of Kievan Rus, and has decided to try his luck by being a mercenary, and not just any mercenary, but a Varangian Guard in the Byzantine Empire, which made him get a taste of great fortune, amounts of fortune he never saw his whole life in Britannia or Scandinavia

but not everything lasts forever, as he had to return back to Denmark, and stayed in Roskilde as a Chieftain

one of his friends named Ulfric, who returned from the Baltic lands said that there is an island, an island that holds a valuable rune, and it resides to Vinland, the land of wine and honey

at first Fjorgyn refused, because he already had plenty of riches from asia minor, estonia and sicily, though his greed got the better of him, and he accepted

as they sailed across the seas, hoping and praying to God, not to die on the way to that rune, and on the way back home

as the waves splashed and cracked like a whip, the sailors tried everything they could, with everyone removing the water with buckets

they finally made it, to Vinland

as everyone was pulling the boat together to land, along with Ulfric and Fjorgyn,

he heard a voice call him, far away from the boat, into the caves

as Fjorgyn continued going into the caves, he would see piles of skeletons on the ground, knowing that someone....or something did something to them

but he continued, and so he finally found the rune that Ulfric was talking about, but as he touched it, he felt something, feeling like reality is changing all around him, and before he even tried to get out, he tripped and the floor broke into pieces, thinking that this was his death, he fell into a lake that broke his fall, confused, he still had the rune with him, he decided to continue on with it and try to find a way back home

his specialties was pretty much, solving issues and problems with blood and steel, but he's not socially inept so he can still try a bit of diplomacy

he loves exploring, learning about history, and getting riches

he's cold and serious most of the times, but that's because he was raised during harsh times, though he does smile, chuckle and feel remorse

Fjorgyn always preferred to stay alone because of his paranoia, other times he does stay in groups once in a while

(sorry for the long and not so brief biography)

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  • Feb 9, 2022, 6:29:16 PM UTC | Total Edits: 1 | Last edited on Feb 9, 2022 by OperatorMax1993
    i forgot to add this

    yes it's made in MS Paint
    and yes i used a picture of a sprite from the 1992 RPG Darklands, specifically the clothing or padded armored sprite

    (also his Anglo-Saxon father wanted to name him Athelstan, but his Danish mother chose Fjorgyn)