Posted Oct 2, 2022, 4:05:41 PM UTC

i wasn't very sure which kind of talisman i wanted to choose,  so i ended up creating a few

-St. Michael's pendant : this pendant was given to Fjorgyn when he converted to Greek Orthodox, he kept it on him throughout the years as both a monk and a mercenary

-the compass rune stone : this stone has the compass rune, but do not let it fool you, as it's cursed, acting like it's "broken" and not being able to find the way,  though Fjorgyn did not know it when he found it in the cave in east Vinland

-the journal :  he has it in his bandolier as he kept it with him, writing down memoirs, events, and anything else

-Norman bandolier :  during the Norman conquest of Sicily and the Roman's retreat,  as Fjorgyn was holding back the Norman onslaught along with other Varangians,  he came across one of the Sergeants (Serjeants) known as Hersent, and during the long drawn out battle when Fjorgyn won, he decided to loot his body as he took his bandolier


i really don't know if we can have more than 1 talisman, though i'd appreciate it to get an answer

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