Posted Jul 28, 2022, 3:09:42 AM UTC

Character Name: Tib "Hazard" Gray

Character Age: Adult

Character Species: Nothing specific, just some weird undead alien creature

Hair color: Uh. fur is grey/beige/green

Eye color: Uranium Green


Brief biography: Tib eternally works in service to a malevolent master, doing all manner of tasks that may be desired of him. While he himself isn’t malicious or hostile outside of provocation, he is fairly cheeky and has a mischievous streak. The work he does for his master is highly a begrudging burden, one that he hopes to rid himself of someday. Though such thoughts he must keep under lock and key lest he spark the ire of his master.

The details of his subjugation are fuzzy and faint. He can remember that there was an accident. Something about a boat… water… falling overboard? He couldn’t say for sure, but this is the best guess he has, after all, his family were fishing folk. What he can remember clearly is awakening in an unfamiliar place, a citadel he would become far too familiar with. A monster of shadows and crystal looming before him, holding out a collar for him along with an offer: Wear the collar fitted with a small shard of his stolen soul and accept his fate, or reject it and forfeit his identity and autonomy to become a mindless undead drone. Fearing death more than this awful being, he made his choice.


His full reference is here: https://www.paperdemon.com/app/art/view/50547

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