Hidden Harvest

Posted Mar 12, 2006, 9:50:15 PM
A fall harvest faerie. Not much to say about this one. An older piece, I still like. The wings didn't turn out quite right, the red's too bright. Watercolr.

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  • Mar 12, 2006
    This work is really nice. I rather like the wings, myself. Just remember - your worst critic is yourself. ^ ^ Good work!
    • Mar 14, 2006
      Thanks for the comment, and reminding me I don't always have to be a perfectionistBig Smile
  • Mar 13, 2006
    try adding a light wash of green over the red if you like- that would help to dull the red a bit. I really have no problem with it myself- I love your work- it's very unique style and your painting is great
    • Mar 14, 2006
      Thanks for the advice, though I think I'm going to leave it as is. Thanks for always leaving such thoughtful and flattering comments. By the way I think your gallery is fantastic!(Especially the Inuyasha pics!)Grin
      • Mar 26, 2006
        Thanks! and I know what you mean- when i feel a piece is dinished I don't care what anyone says- I won't change it unless I really think they're right and something NEEDS to be fixed- I'm lazy after all.. heheh
  • Apr 28, 2006
    Once again you have produced a beautiful piece of art. I love it! Smile