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  • Cover for Ziggy vs. Farmer's Market

    Ziggy vs. Farmer's Market

    Ziggy finds himself a farmer's market and shenanigans ensue.

  • Cover for Ziggy vs. Paints

    Ziggy vs. Paints

    I figure since I'm kind of dominating the whole sight submission and content wise I might as well add a writing thing too. This is from a potential story idea that needs a lot of work. I mostly just like writing character shenanigans. Ziggy comes from a world with no color where everything is pretty much terrifying and awful. Cody comes from Michigan. They're alarmingly similar.

  • Cover for Hades's Story

    Hades's Story

    This story is about Hades and his struggles to win Persephone's heart. There may be mature content in the future, but for now, it's safe.

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