Profile: Apirka Trom

Posted Oct 10, 2022, 8:26:45 PM UTC

Character Name: Apirka Trom

Character Age: 20

Character Species: Half-Orc

Hair color: Black (#001524)

Eye color: Soft Purple (Main: #9055A2 Accents: #530073 , #F9F7B8)

Abilities: Flight, Minor Healing, Resilience, Natural Strength

Strength: 7/10

Agility: 5/10

Speed: 5/10

Tactics: 3/10

Magic: 5/10

Skill: 3/10

Uncomfortable Subject Matter: None at this time. May be updated. 


Apirka grew up as the fourth daughter of the next-in-line chief of her village. Her position guaranteed her a life of safety and comfort, and some modicum of power, as her family's bloodline were known sorcerers. But, as she grew older, the spirited Half-orc also grew bored. So enthralled as she was with her grandmother's tales of travel and trial, and her mother's experiences as a gladatorial mage, that she found herself looking outward, away from her village and family, and towards uncertain horizons, and paths less travelled.

When she approached the her grandmother about the possibility of leaving, however, she was met with resistance, by way of her mother. Where Apirka was unfamiliar with the reality of the world and adventuring at large, Ceibfhionne knew first-hand the cruel, cold, and outright ridiculous nature of the outside. But Linte Trom blessed her granddaughter's request, and sent her on her way, to her daughter's dismay. 
As Apirka blissfully scurried off, preparing for her journey into the great outside, Linte comforted her daughter, reminding her that the only way for her beloved child to be content at home was to let her see and experience the world at large - to give her a true choice. Ceibfhionne would only earn her resentment by forcing a roving heart to stay. 

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