[Decra Drain #4] Bleh

Posted Mar 2, 2023, 2:34:49 AM UTC

Decra Drain #4 - Freestyle

Following their bout in the first round of the tournament, Suave and Corda rest and recuperate. ...Or, at the very least, Suave rests and recuperates, whilst Corda assesses the poor man. Turns out that the dream human is perhaps much more used to exerting himself than the conman raccoon - and is already rather over their bout.
Ignacio however... is gonna need some time.

Unfortunately, time is perhaps something that neither have at their disposal. They've perhaps not noticed yet, but behind them Decra's Tura temple hangs askew, as it's energies leak into the sky above - threatening disaster for the whole city. Whilst Suave is perhaps no hero, the competition has proved him at least competently talented - no doubt Corda will soon be dragging him to try and assist with the problem. ...Iiif he can stay awake and conscious long enough to be of any aid.

In the background, other individuals are already taking action - doing whatever gains them access to the teetering temple!


I wanted to do a piece of sorts to act as an in-between of both Corda and my OCL pieces;
and this wonderful Decra Drain piece that Bordayus had previously made;
Felt this may be a nice way of considering how they may've gone from competitors in the OCL... to allies dealing with the issue! It also may go a way towards explaining just why Suave is as tired as he is... still all tuckered out from their bout!
I did of course have to consider how the rest of the team from Bordayus' pic made it to the orb chamber and... well, when you have Luis on the team, made sense to me that he could find his way up there the tech-y way. With a BIG CRANE!

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  • Mar 17, 2023, 12:38:12 PM UTC
    The way that you made it so the color fades into grayscale gives this small vibe that this is something from the past, which works in combination with Corda's piece making this feel like a propper sequeel thing to that.

    Fecking love the background and how you did that lineless. It helps echo that what you wrote of it not being noticed directly in that moment as all attention is on the foreground
  • Mar 8, 2023, 9:04:17 PM UTC
    As always, I adore this. Suave looks WRECKED, and I don't blame him! Your linework is always so clean, and I adore the details in the back! The tilted temple with the crane really stands out, despite being in the bg!
    Brilliant as always <3 <3 <3