if you were an bug what would you...oh...

Posted Mar 17, 2023, 5:55:38 PM UTC

Prompt: 8 If your character was a bug, what kind of bug would they be and why? Draw or write about it

Finley an sea slug and Corda can shape into an scorpion man so...guess that was easy to do :) ....EEek! look like Finley think Corda even scarier as his scorpion form >.< NOOOOO! Finley! It okay....Corda does not eat Sea Slug....mostly nachos and Hotwings!!!

Corda symbloyized an person love for scorpion, including scorpio of the zordiac and his form repersented by an Emperor Scorpion


Finley trying to catch these pesky bugs when he notice a few bugs dead, he look behind him and pratically jump out of his pants at the sight of the Scorpio Corda form stinging the bug or snapping pincher through them

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  • Mar 18, 2023, 3:19:50 PM UTC
    Aha, I'd be scared too if I saw Corda's scorpion form fighting - he always strikes me as a ruthless combatant when he's protecting something! Thankfully he's a friend <3

    I said it before, but I still adore this so much! Finn's terrified expression of the scorpion man in front of him is golden! I can absolutely see this happening!
    Thankyou!! c:
    • Mar 20, 2023, 1:30:04 AM UTC
      hehe! Corda true battle form in his armor. Finley is such an treat, he relateable to the fact he easy to worry himself up an frenzy, and mingle to Corda deadpaness mean Finley has to think up alot of how their relationship is and often time it the scary and intimidated despite Corda not meaning to freak him out all the time Tongue





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