Inuyasha Turned

Posted May 15, 2006, 2:05:29 AM
This is Inuyasha and Kagome(of course.) Another project, done in Gouache. I like this one, it came out very well aside from the pen discoloration and Kagomes hand. I don't know, maybe Kagome is turning as well? I like the play that I did on her shadow. A lot of subltelties in this one.

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  • Aug 26, 2007
    Oh! I really like it. Big Smile I remember an episode that sort of reminds me of this picture. I love the positioning of her legs!

    His abs seem REALLY defined in comparison with the rest of the piece. Everything else looks wonderful but for some reason that really stands out to me.
  • May 28, 2006
    Wow, this is awesome!! I love your shading, and the surprised position of Kagome is perfect too.
    My ONLY problem with that is Inu's teeth are gorgeous. Looks like he has a vampire denture. Dont hate me for that, its just my opinion XD
    But anyways, its really good. Thumbs Up
    • May 28, 2006
      Haha, its ok, I like criticism, it helps me grow. Anyways, yeah, I see how I went overboard on the teeth...But I just think its sexy! haha
  • May 25, 2006
    Wow this is really really good. I like it a lot. You did an awesome job. You are a good artist. I also love your pic "My Baby." It looks like a real picture. You did a really good job on that too. Anyhoo, I don't have a clue why I started talking about that picture oh yeah I know I am a huge dork and a huge goofball. So yeah that is how I am. Don't worry you'll get used to it (wink wink). Keep up the GREAT work.
    • May 25, 2006
      Its ok, I ramble too. lol
      • May 25, 2006
        Yeah I like to do that a lot. Well can you blame a girl. I mean I love to talk. In fact I think it is one of my hobbies. Huh, I don't know oh well. But yeah I love to talk. It is good to see a lot of new people coming on here. Don't you think so? Ok well I will talk to you later. Smile
  • May 19, 2006
    Nicely done Yes The black and white works well with it Thumbs Up
  • May 19, 2006
    Diggin your shading! You really know how to use that Gouache <3 It's also a wonderful scene you've put together.
    • May 19, 2006
      Thanks, it was my first time ever using gouache.. It was fun!
  • May 17, 2006
    this picture is good but, Inu-Yasha looks anirex. also, whats with the hands? Kagome's hands lookm like claws. Other than those, the picture was good.
    • May 17, 2006
      Anorexic? Hmm, I guess I just didnt give him enough depth; hes hunched over. And her hand, lmao, I know... But I guess it could work because in some of my fan art I start to trail off into my own story: Inuyasha turns Kagome into a demon as well so that they could have dark love. Something like that.
  • May 14, 2006
    MUCH better!
    I like the subtle shading on Kagome's legs. it looks nice.
  • May 14, 2006
    HOLY SHIT! This is f***ing awesome!!! Wow I am loving the this is sooooo going in my favorites you earned god talent written all over this! Nice job!! Smile Favorite




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