Kuro and Shiro

Posted Jun 14, 2006, 6:12:08 PM
hahahaha It all starts out with only one kiss

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  • Aug 24, 2006
    Hi Deadly_sound_ninja,
    This artwork entry has been removed from the original gallery and placed in the Final Fantasy gallery.

    I've also removed it from the Bishoujo gallery and placed it in Shounen-ai.

    Please be more thoughtful when selecting galleries for your artwork.
  • Jul 12, 2006
    very romanic! awesomeness!
    • Jul 13, 2006
      Thank you. Yeah I would post more but my scanner is out.... Sad
  • Jul 2, 2006
    NICE! xD The guy looks like Sephoirth a little though, but HAWT!
    • Jul 3, 2006
      *Sits and stares and a picture of Sephiroth and the picture I drew* hm.......you know you have a point! lol. haha I never noticed before I was probly thinking of sephiroth when I drew this lol.
      • Jul 3, 2006
        Yeah, I just noticed and I was like, "Is...That Sephiroth?!" But then I was looking at the other character and I was like, "Well that's not Cloud or anyone else..." I gotta say it's neat though! I totally love it, and it's REALLY hot. XD Do you do requests?
        • Jul 4, 2006
          Hahaha thanks for all the complements! Yeah my friend who loves Sephiroth keeps bugging me cause he thinks it is Sephiroth. Tongue Yeah I can do reqwests No problem!
          • Jul 4, 2006
            In that case can you draw me and Vincent? I can give you a more descriptive PM of the pic if you want. Smile
            • Jul 5, 2006
              Sure I can! Yeah you'll probly have to tell me more over a pm if you don't mind. Smile
  • Jun 14, 2006
    Very hot, very hot. Smile
    • Jun 16, 2006
      Thanks for the awsome complement!!! Smile I really like your drawings to!!! They are really good!