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scars of friendship

Posted Jul 19, 2006, 12:28:51 AM
There’s one other thing about us: we each have a scar in the shape of a cat or dog’s head on our right biceps. Michele, Rachel, and I have the profile of a roaring cat... The boys have the profile of a howling dog, but they don’t argue over what kind of dog it is. The scars are completely filled in, so we’ll never know what animals we have. But the scars are special; whenever one of us is in trouble... or seriously injured... the scars will bleed and hurt.

-From Chapter One of Back When We Were Dumb

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  • Jul 27, 2006
    this is similar...sorry I can't spell...anyway to my story the flame shaped scars. Me and my friends are linked by fire shaped scars on our necks, and when ever we are in pain the scars burn. Heh great minds think alike a guess. ^^. Good job on this piece as well. ^^