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Opal Pin-Up

Posted Aug 9, 2006, 3:09:01 AM
Character: Original/Role Play - Opal
Medium: Wacom tablet sketched, then colored with the tablet in Photoshop (Digital)


... This is my character Opal... again... I draw him too much I think. But I had fun drawing him in lacy man panties. And those are actually based on some real man underwear I've seen... though they didn't come in the rainbow colors.

I attempted a semi-realistic style for Opal... I am pretty happy with him, though the background leaves something to be desired. Blarg.

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  • Oct 23, 2006
    Hey Bishounen Mistress. I noticed this entry isn't located in any galleries. You may want to add it to some so more people will see it.
  • Dec 21, 2006
    well... I noticed this on the random art thingy. I normally don't draw bishonen. Is this picture of a male? the face has a reall femanine.... well looks exactly like a female while the body has muscles like a michelangelo statue. Was this done on purpose?
    • Jan 31, 2007
      Yes it Opal is a male. Most of my guys I draw I try to give the bodies of men (unless there is some reason that they have more slender bodies)... and then usually their hair and faces tend to be more feminine. Although you may think the face looks like a female's, within the 'style' I draw I rarely draw my girls with faces like this. Though Opal (the character) is a bit more of an exaggeration on being a feminine man than most of my other male characters .