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Posted Aug 12, 2006, 4:31:55 AM
The leader of the dark army. My character in my original story. MINE MINE. XD
I really enjoy this site so I may as well submit something.. XDD
Critique please.. but only if you can find something that you know could use fixing. That hand I'm still working on.
I think I friggin love this pic. xDDD I got my inspiration for his new clothes design from Diablo 2 :D

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  • Aug 12, 2006
    WOOT!! First post!! *Dose the first post dance* Do Di Do Di Do!!!

    Any way... >.>

    I love it! I was drooling over it as soon as I saw it! *Drools more* It's beutifull and powerfull at the same time... I love finding more good artest on places like these

    The lil' black cat girl
    • Aug 12, 2006
      Hehehe. Me glad you like so much :3 Thank you very much for the nice comment ^^
  • Aug 12, 2006
    Just keep doing what you're doing! It looks great =)
    You may want to move the thumb behind his right (not ours)hand a little. Just just the suggestion of the thumb there, with a knuckle. His other hand might be a little large - Im not sure though, might just be the sketchiness of the picture at this stage?
    • Aug 12, 2006
      Thank you very much :3
      But that hand is like, rotated a little bit so you can see his thumb more, and he's kind of half way towards making a fist. I dunno, we'll see how it turns out. Thank you :3
  • Aug 12, 2006
    SWEET. the armor looks complicated to draw. nice work