Posted Dec 17, 2006, 5:26:11 AM

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Constructive Critique requested. See Tips.

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  • Dec 20, 2006
    A roast hum.. well its okay except you your off on the sholder and body porportions, also the cranium is out of porportion and the neck does not attach to it in that manner. Besides that your style is very well rounded. You should try props or work of pictures ^^ good luck.
    • Dec 20, 2006
      lol, thanks for the critique. I can just imagine u saying it in a playful, but truthful manner. Very nice. Smile
      • Dec 20, 2006
        you must have over heard me>.>, you works are good keep at it^.^!
        • Dec 20, 2006
          OOOoooOOO, ok. lol. Thank u, i sure will. I was just looking at some of ur art. Very, very nice. So far i like the South Park kids, sooo cool how u made them as humans. But... where's Kartmen?? Ima look at the rest of ur drawings really quick. O, and that mini Vegeta, COOL!
          • Dec 20, 2006
            i'm ganna post someother artwork that i've promised people if like something i'llbe happy to draw it for you. Maby an art trade^.^.
            • Dec 20, 2006
              Sorry i replied all late, i had to leave to a friends birthday, but im back now Corky Smile That sounds fun. Ive never done an art trade. Ill do that with u as soon as i think of a character id like. You can tell me of a character u want me to draw for u.
              • Dec 20, 2006
                hope it was worth your while, um about the art trade some people just pic a sertain anime or jst a general topic. I could draw you anything really, as for me though, it dosen't really matter whatever you feel comfertable drawing. Although i've had a sudden wierd craving to draw the pirates of the caribbean.Pirate Captain Huh? Blink
                • Dec 20, 2006
                  Cool, it was good. I played Halo with some other dudes and beat them, hehe. Came back early. About the drawing though, thats cool. Ill try to draw some Pirates of the Caribbean. As for me... let me see... u know what id love, Griffith from Berserk. If its cool with u. Hug by the way, these emoticon thingies are neat.
                  • Dec 21, 2006
                    Hey if its no problem fill me in on what it is that you like 'griffith'? Its no problem its just that i would dlike to have maby a visual, if possible Sweat Drop. Thanks oh and pm me if something's unclear to you.




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