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Oct 20, 2005
Hun, like I told you before, He came out wonderful!! And oh so hot!!! LoL Well Lik eI had told you my dear, I knew you could do it, despite all the frustration. It happens to us all. Wonderful job my dear, I am faving this!!
Mellie Nutr Jr.

Oh, and did your Wedding take place yet?? Laughing

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[Art] Centaur-What else?
Oct 20, 2005 on [Art] Centaur-What else?
Thank you so much sweetheart. You know how frustrated I was getting at it. But thanks to you and Mal and Joni, I was able to keep my chin up and stick with it. You all were so very helpful and encouraging to me and I just love you to pieces. Thank you so much for faving him. That makes me feel so good. I have gotten so many faves on him already and I am so proud. I really did my hardest work yet when I created him and he is thus far my bestest picture. It is very reassuring when you can turn the subject of your frustration into something to be proud of. ^_^ And no, my wedding hasn't taken place yet. I am still waiting on a priest. Laughing


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