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Sep 9, 2006, 6:54:17 AM UTC
*Jaw drops to the ground*O.OO.OO.OO.OO.OO.OOh...My...God....I think I`m gonna be sent flying of all the power and energy this piccy is radiating!LaughingLaughingAWesome job...I..I`m so stunned..O.OThe colors and the lineart itself...Guys you ROCK!!!!!!!!O.OThis is soooo amazing!The coloring is stunning Jilly!YesGosh...O.K.I`m at a loss for words...LaughingSomething you don`t see everyday...LaughingAnywayz,tha`s an amazing job you`ve done!YesThe power,the energy,the colors!!!!!AWesome guys!YesHugHugHug

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[Art] son of perdition's broly
Sep 9, 2006, 2:22:37 PM UTC on [Art] son of perdition's broly
Wow thanks! I'm gald you like it so much Yes It was alot of fun coloring this and i'm happy that it paid off so well ^^


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