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[Art] The Disturbed One
Oct 1, 2007, 2:43:31 PM UTC on [Art] The Disturbed One
Mmmm... David... *drools*

I adore him... haha. Also, he has an incredible voice. Disturbed ROCKS.

Very nice work on the shirt's design, and I like the shiny effect... it looks a little flat around the edges, but maybe using a different approach to the outline might help?
I think he's skin looks good... The top of the head area is very good for the "tan" aspect, and I can't offer any advice as I don't have any digital art programs to practice, but it looks good!


  • Oct 2, 2007, 2:07:59 PM UTC
    Wow...what an amazing critique. Thank you so very very much for taking the time to write me a review and offer up some helpful advice. I am still quite inexperienced as far as any techniques or anything goes in my paint program. I am a bit of a novice. ><
    And yes, he is so very effing hot. I told my boyfriend that David is the only man in the world that I'd leave him for. Laughing Thank you once again for commenting on my art. I greatly appreciate it. *hugs*