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[Art] Amy's fire
Nov 9, 2020 on [Art] Amy's fire
Really the background you've chosen for the art, it's of course fitting for Amy since she can use her fire abilities to either keep herself warm or have a source of light during a nighttime walk :3

Speaking of Amy, as always I really love how you draw her, she's really pretty! Big Smile

And the way you drew her using her magic is really well done too Smile

Just lots of great work as always with your art, keep up the good work! Big Smile



  • Nov 9, 2020
    What's hilarious is that Amy doesn't need her fire magic to keep warm since she's a vampyre and is naturally cold-blooded so the cold dark nights are a welcome comfort for her. =^^=

    Merci beaucoup - Amy is probably the prettiest OC that me and my brothers co-created; I may be biased as she is inspired by Amy from Soul Calibur who is a kindred spirit alongside her adoptive father Raphael Sorel whom our Amy's own adoptive father Leopold is a homage to . . . they started out as SC RP stories-turned-into-original stories later on, so that's why Leopold and our Amy exist. ♡

    Thankyou, I will try to keep up with my art - thankYOU for being my supporter and art study buddy!! *hugs* =^w^= ♡♡♡
    • Dec 3, 2020
      Aaww, now that's pretty cool! :3

      Mmm, I'd say her, Judy, Mitchi and even of course, Sha or you basically are really pretty :3

      And you're most welcome, Sis! I'm glad to be your supporter and art study buddy Smile
      • Dec 6, 2020
        Those are the main girlies in MQ, tehe! =^.^= ♡ They're all pretty in their own way, but I like Amy the best, since she's my/Sha's stepdaughter. ♡♡♡