Celestial Time Miracles artist, writer and daydreamer.

I hallucinate and dream about fictional characters, primarily Karasu and Kurama from Yu Yu Hakusho.

Team Masho fan. PaperDemon mod.

My preferred name is Sha. I'm from New England.

Known as LunarArtist online. Co-founder of Celestial Time Miracles art team.

Community moderator and New Player Rep here at PaperDemon. I RP as Amy in the PD ARPG.

I am open for art commissions - more info available on my art blog here:


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  • Cover for Raindrops of a Broken Heart

    Raindrops of a Broken Heart

    "You and I are the embodiment of Heaven and Hell," Judy's voice echoed throughout the church softly. Robert stepped back wondering where this came from. It wasn't like Judy would have the same beliefs as he did, and as far as he knew, the tribal women of the desert had no concept of Heaven or Hell.

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