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Heya! I'm Acceril (Acce (Axe)/Ace or Ceril for short <3)

I'm mainly a graphic artist who draws birbs and humanoids!

I've started on my very own comic centered around Draco Stryx, and it's currently my dream to push it to completion (it's planned to be very long though, so we'll see how it goes asjdhb)

I enjoy sports and musicals!! Please shout at me about volleyball or Starkid because I will scream back!!!




Are Your Commissions Open?

Not currently!! Suffering through a huge art block that has lasted like, 3 years. I doubt I will ever re-open commissions due to this. I may be up to an art trade though if I am in the mood!




What is RandoDraw and How Does it Work?

RandoDraw is a series of artworks I work on to help with artblock. I've input all the numbers of characters from the following communities into a randomiser:

  • Paperdemon
  • DracoStryx
  • MimeDogs
  • Elafkeria

So if you have any characters in these, there's a chance I'll be drawing them! If I have drawn your character and you're wondering why, this is it! The rules that I've set for myself are:

    • They have to be an official character on PaperDemon (wanna support the platform as much as I can). This means that any ARPG characters that haven't been uploaded to PD will not be included.
    • .They have to have a coloured fullbody that I can understand the design of (to make it easier for myself). Obviously for ARPGs this is a lot easier, so this is mostly just a rule for the PDARPG

      I will mostly just draw whatever I feel like doing, which at this point is looking to just be coloured sketches unless I feel more inspired. I won't be asking for any financial compensation for these, it's mostly just for me anyway lol




When Will the Comic Come Out?


To be honest, it was meant to come out in January of 2019, but I just,,,, couldn't start it up.

I've restarted the Prologue to it about half a dozen or so times, and I've only recently come up with a format and starting point that I enjoy (even if it strays from the original script). With art block and everything, I'm just hoping to get the prologue out at the very least.




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