dHmmmmm...let's see. For starters like so many i've been drawing since I was weeeeee high. And in case you didn't notice i'm a graphite artist. Now for some vital stats:

FAVORITE ARTISTS: Michael Whelan, Frank Frazetta, Larry Elmore and Travis Charest.

FAVORITE MOVIES: Lord of the Rings(series), Star Wars (original), The Dark Crystal, and Charleton Heston movies.

FAVORITE THINGS: Drawing, Cold Foggy Weather, Big Black Boots, Modifying Things, Exploring Antique Stores, Watching Movies and Fig Newtons.

FAVORITE NOVELS: The Elric and Corum series by Michael Moorcock, The Lord of the Rings, Drizz't series, and The Wheel of Time series.

LEAST FAVORITE THINGS: Hot Humid Weather, Hypocrites, Testicular Cancer and Canabalism.

CURRENT FAVORITE BANDS: My Chemical Romance, Garbage, and Radiohead

QUIRKS: I like to put raw eggs into my pockets and wrestle with people.

FAVORITE QUOTE: "I don't sleep, I despise those little slices of death". -Jules Verne

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