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  • Cover for Nzarel: The Horned Forest

    Nzarel: The Horned Forest

    My 2007 NaNoWriMo novel! ^___^ (which means there will be mistakes) Chase is a woman who has found her home and her nature in a place that Outsiders are working to destroy. Jame is a young man who has to choose between what he has known his entire life, and the bonds of blood. Shameless promotion moment: If you want to know more about NaNo, go to (Am I allowed to do this? ^___^)

  • Cover for The Amulet Notebook

    The Amulet Notebook

    A story about a not-so-ordinary girl who gets mixed up in the affairs of another world via a strange necklace which gives her vivid dreams of a place where unicorns of all things reside. The first draft of the first chapter, which will probably be more or less thrown out when I retry this story. xD

  • Cover for Instead


    Short story assignment, English I. The places apathy can carry you.

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