Hey Everybody!!!!

Wow, my profile sounded like it was written by a fourteen year old on a caffeine buzz...which I probably was at the time I started this account...>_<

Anyway, the new and improved Maria, about 4 years later. I'm a pretty arts-y person although I'd like to earn a degree in sound engineering so I'll be taking a lot of math classes in the next few years >_< But that's cool, I actually do like Math. Logic is a good thing. I'm also interested in Graphic design so I might get into that too. Who knows where life will take me? ^_^

But my big thing is Music. I adore music and I couldn't possibly have a job in the future that didn't involve music in some way. I'm singing in two choirs at the moment. Maybe one day I'll be a famous singer! But just in case I'm not discovered, I'll fall on my plan B: Sound Engineering. ~_^

My favorite books/Mangas:
    Twilight (omg I'm in love with Edward ^_^)
    His Dark Materials
(Series - The Golden Compass, The Subtle Knife, The Amber Spyglass)
    The Harry Potter Series
    There Will Be Dragons

Random stuff about me:
    I'm from Finland, and I speak swedish fluently.
    I love climbing trees and being in high places.
    If I had one wish, I'd wish to be able to fly.
    I enjoy food way too much. (But I'm surprisingly skinny)
    When I'm alone, I pretend my life is a movie.

    When I read, I act out the faces of the characters.
I love post-rain smell.
    Sometimes I go crazy.
    I make ambiguous statements about my life to see if people can figure me out.

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  • Cover for I thought about you today...

    I thought about you today...

    This poem is about a guy In my class who died earlier this school year. I didn&#39;t really know him, but I knew him enough for it to affect me. I have mixed up feelings about it because many factors point to a suicide, which makes me...sad and angry...

  • Cover for I haven&#39;t decided on a title..

    I haven&#39;t decided on a title..

    I&#39;m writing this story right now, so I don&#39;t know how long it&#39;ll take for me to get the whole thing up. It&#39;a about a teenage witch in olden times with a lot to discover about her family and herself.

  • Cover for Not Your Usual Bloody Mary

    Not Your Usual Bloody Mary

    This is a story I wrote while ago for english class. It&#39;s a short story about a guy who meets a mysterious girl that he falls in lust with...

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