Name: Dakota

Nicknames: Fizz

Age: 20

Gender: Nonbinary - They/Them

Hello! I'm still getting the hang of this website, so please be patient as I work on this.

I'm the owner of Saurian-Amoux on DeviantART and an active member of many ARPGs there.

Commissions are currently closed.

Trades are for friends only.

Collabs and Roleplays are case by case.

I do not do Requests.

Gifts are a-okay, just be sure to send it to me so I can see! <3

Please do not ask if any of my characters are for sale.

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  • Cover for To Avoid War and to Find Love

    To Avoid War and to Find Love

    Two young Stryx wish to prove to the world that they can live on their own, find a mate, and defend a nest. Unfortunately, war is raging in a not-so-distant land and things aren't as simple as they once were. Tribute to Diaus.

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