Hi, I'm Ford. If you're ever looking for me online it's the same handle literally everywhere — Fordandra. I am currently a college student majoring in Game Design & Development — Art. My passions lie in digital media. 3D modeling, pixel art, and illustration. I have a lot of drawing trapped in traditional art sketchbooks, but I prefer the clean look of Photoshop layers.


What I lack in sleep I make up for in perserverence. I used to work the night-shift at a cereal factory, so I do in fact, own  a l l  the cereal. Can you imagine it? Just try. Endless. Cereal. But you can't. Because its cereal. It's inconceivable.


Commissions: [Open]: $25 for lineart, $50 for full color. Contact me on Discord (fordandra#9128)

Trades: [Open]

Collaborations: [Open] 

Requests: [Open]

Roleplay: [Open]

Gifts for Me: [Art and literature welcome]


Characters for Sale/Trade: [Open]

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