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Hey there, I'm J-Haskell! I moved here along with the Dracostryx community, but I plan on posting non-arpg work on here as well. I love creating fantasy art, worldbuilding, and sometimes write stories for fun.  You can call me Hirundine or Hask.


Community form:

  • Commissions: Commissions are currently closed (working through current orders).  Can read prices here.
  • Trades: Generally friends-only @ trades.
  • Collaborations: Ask for collabs.
  • Requests: I don't do requests (though I do spontaneous gift art for characters I think are fun!)
  • Roleplay: Get to know me a bit before asking about RPs (I'm too awkward to do them with people I don't know well).
  • Gifts for Me: I'm always happy to receive gifts, though a bit iffy on written ones.  If you'd like to write something based on one of my characters, please only pick one that's got a decently written bio & personality so you can be more informed on how they'd act.
  • Characters for Sale/Trade: If I'm selling a character I'll make a post about it!

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